Flamenco and Latin Dance in Seville

“Flamenco y cuba” want to introduce the student to the andalusian and cuban culture through the dance.

There are flamenco intensive courses ( technics, choreography and compás ) and latin dance intensive courses (salsa, cha-cha-chá, son merengue,...)  in Seville. The classes take place the whole year.  Also there are workshops in other european cities such as Kiel, Budapest, Amsterdam,...

The duration of the intensive courses is one week. Within this time, the student can intensively improve his dance but still has enough time to enjoy his vacation in Seville.

We are characterized by the familiar atmosphere and the small groups of certain levels (from total beginners to professionals). This allows the individual attention to the student. The teacher can attend every student in particular according to his level, personality, and interests.

The courses can be booked by individuals as well as groups.

You can find more information about Carmen Segura, Isaac Capetillo and the offered courses in the different pages.

If you have any questions concerning the classes or the teachers we would be pleased to help (contact)

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