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Flamenco Intensive Course in Seville

- for complete beginners or beginners with little knowledge

- from 5th May till 24th May 2013

- 6 days with each 3 hours of class (Technics, Choreography, Compás) per week

- lessons in the afternoon (usually starting at 3 p.m.)

- small groups (3 - 15 persons)

- 18 hours a week, 54 hours in 3 weeks

Choose your favourite date!!!

Groups or interested individual can book the flamenco intensive course they want at the date they prefer, as long as there arenīt any courses yet fixed.
More students of the same level are usually easily found. In case there is only one student, the daily lessons will be 90 min.
The levels are based on the spanish levels. That way it is easier for us to equalize the groups, when students come from all over the world. If you are not sure about your level, ask your flamenco teacher or us.

If you have any questions about planning a flamenco intensive course or the flamenco dancing levels, please donīt hesitate to contact us.

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