Carmen Segura

Born in 1972 near Seville, she began to dance Flamenco at the early age of 8.

With only 11 years, she started to climb the stage and soon she was a part of the Cuadro Flamenco de Farruco.

She was taught by Pepe Rios, Farruco, Manolo Marín, Manuela Carrasco, Matilde Coral...

She graduated in spanish dance at the “Escuela Profesional de Matilde Coral”.

Also she graduated in spanish dance and classic dance at the “Conservatory of Dance” in Seville and has a degree in Psychology and Criminology (University de Seville).

To Matilde Coral and her family Rafael “El Negro” and “El Mimbre” she always felt herself strongly connected. As first female dancer in the company of “El Mimbre” she danced  in many well-known theaters and

Foto by Hugo Potharst

 festivals, like the Bienal, Mont-de-Marsan, Alcalá, Dos Hermanas, sharing the stage with artists like José Mercé, Carmen Linares, Aurora Vargas...

She participated in TV programms such as “Cavilaciones”, “Noche Flamenca” and toured through Japan with the company of Yoko Komatsubara.

 For more than 15 years now she has been teaching Flamenco in  several schools of Seville, like Taller Flamenco, Flamenco-Sevilla, and her own studio “Flamencoycuba” without giving up acting on stage.

She teaches classes of all levels and with every equipment: Sevillanas, Mantón, Abanico, Castañuelas, Bata de Cola, etc.

Carmen teaches in Englisch and Spanish. She is a very good dancer who has incredible patience and a special talent in teaching. She shows you without many words what´s important in dancing flamenco and helps everyone to find his own special way.

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